14 March 2017

DUBAI 2016

*that highlight on point*
I was fortunate enough to visit Dubai twice last year in the space of a few weeks. I have never experienced a place like Dubai before and i fell in love instantly. The shopping, the architecture, the luxury lifestyle, the desert, the shisha and i saved the best till last...the FOOD! It was all new to me and i am super grateful that i was able to experience it all. I have already decided that this is where i want my hen to take place. 
No excuses! 

Unfortunately, i wasn't able to take my camera with me on my first trip, so the majority of my outfit pictures are on my Instagram. However, when i visited the second time around, i wasn't going to miss out on taking a few pictures of my outfits for you guys. 

Hope you like it! 

Crop Top (Here)
Maxi Skirt SOLD OUT/ (Here)/Here)
Green Heels (Here)
*Ewaan Pool Lounge @ The Palace Hotel*
Top (Here)
Heels (Here)
*Gold Souk Market*
Maxi Dress (Here)
 *Waldorf Astoria on the Palm* 
Crop Top (Here)
Harem Trousers (Here)
Dress (Here(Here) (Here) (Here)
Rose Gold Heels (Here

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